Coffee Ceremony- Coffee and zen at a temple in Kyoto




My love for coffee and matcha is pretty equal, that’s why I created a ‘caffeine’ category which covers both of my loves.


Just the other day I took part in a ‘Coffee Ceremony’ produced by Weekenders Coffee and the Sfera store. As you have probably guessed, ‘The Coffee ceremony’ is a take on the traditional tea ceremony.


Tea Ceremonies are an important part of Kyoto culture. Its not just about the matcha but the tea ceremony as a whole heavily influenced the ‘minimal’ aesthetics Japan is so famous for. In fact a lot of modern day designers practices tea ceremonies….including my interior designer husband.


Just like a traditional tea ceremony, the coffee ceremony is held at beautiful locations around Kyoto including temples, a riverside restaurant in Kibune and even at a shop selling ceramics. This time the ceremony was held in an actual teahouse in Ryosoku-in temple.


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Words: Sara Aiko

Photos: Sara Aiko