Its really hard to find places in Kyoto to experience street art. Yes, Kyoto is not really known for its street culture but its does exist….if you look behind the temples and shrines.  Luckily for those who are in Kyoto from December 1st to December 10th  you don’t need to search for it too hard,  there is a collaborative exhibition of two Japanese street artists at y gion in Kyoto. If you feel a little “Templed” out and is looking for something to do in Kyoto, go check out the exhibition and event at y gion. 


BAKIBAKI & Hama Daijiro exhibition “MONOCHROME” 10days

 http:// – 2017.12.10 

14:00 – 23:00 (Entrance free except on December 1st and 2nd)

 Bakibaki is a world renowned artist known for his trademark geometric motifs, while Daijiro Hama, a Kyoto-based artist, is famous for his abstract black and white paintings. For the first time ever they will combine their creative skills to create something truly unique and amazing here at y gion. 

 Congruence Exhibition “MONOCHROME” is held at the y gion 4F Lounge

 The exhibit will showcase their individual work and also collaborative pieces. Their one-off pieces will also be sold at the pop up shop on the 4th floor. 

 On the weekend of 2017.12.01 – 2017.12.02

18:00 – 24:00 (Entrance fee 500yen)

 DJs will warm up the 4th floor lounge while Chef “ Natuki Ota”  will serve dishes inspired by both BakiBaki and Daijiro.     “Obanzai” is a traditional style of Japanese cuisine unique to Kyoto. Chef Ota found similarity with Obanazai and Sri Lankan Food as both serve many toppings over rice.  Therefor we will be serving you a mix of Japanese x Sri Lankan food.


Come and enjoy a night filled with mixed cultures. 

I.D will be checked at the Door


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