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Curated Kyoto Trailer Video

Curated Kyoto is for people like you – creative people who want to explore cities beyond the generic tourist spots.

Like an art curator selects and finds the right pieces to create a memorable exhibition, Curated Kyoto filters and selects the best of Kyoto for the web and for in-person tours. Tradition and culture are infused into this modern city.

After working in a media team that promotes Kyoto tourism, I noticed there was plenty of information out there about Kyoto’s major tourism sites but little to no information about the hip restaurants loved by locals, temples off the beaten path, and stylish Kyoto shops. This version of Kyoto that is loved by locals is the version of Kyoto I want to introduce you to.

Sour Video

While you may have seen or tasted canned chu-hi (shochu-based cocktails commonly sold at Japanese convenient stores), you need to visit chu-hi bar Sour to taste the real deal. Situated in the city center, the small and stylish bar serves chu-hi mixed with real fruit like fresh strawberries, figs and grapefruit. The bar can also make drinks without alcohol upon request. Sour is open from 12 pm and offers customers a comfortable yet sexy atmosphere, which is probably why the place attracts so many trendy locals.


Address: 京都府 京都市中京区裏寺町通四条上ル裏寺町607-19 ヴァントワビル1F 

Website: http://sour.jp/

Kyoto People: Artist Collective series

The ‘Artist Collective’ series profiles artists in Japan who are creatively expressing their love of art in their community and beyond. From abstract painters to contemporary calligraphers, this series focuses on the artists behind the art. Aside from sharing the talent and skills of these individuals, Lan Films hopes to support the local art community by showcasing their works to a global audience.

Part 1 profiles Daijiro Hama and Hello Aya chan

Iyemon Salon Café

Located in central Kyoto, Iyemon Salon is a café produced by one of Japan’s leading tea companies so yes they serve great tea! Also for those who love beer, they serve matcha (green tea) flavored beer.

Not a beer drinker myself I go there for the breakfast. I love my breakfasts and Iyemon Salon Café knows how to serve a good hearty and healthy breakfast! You can choose from a  typical Japanese style breakfasts and also meals with more of a western twist.

Iyemon Salon Café

Address: 三条通烏丸西入御倉町80番地 千總ビル

Website: http://iyemonsalon.jp/