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Curated Kyoto

Curated Kyoto

Curated Kyoto is for people like you – creative people who want to explore cities beyond the generic tourist spots.

Like an art curator selects and finds the right pieces to create a memorable exhibition, Curated Kyoto filters and selects the best of Kyoto for the web and for in-person tours.

After working in a media team that promotes Kyoto tourism, I noticed there was plenty of information out there about Kyoto’s major tourism sites but little to no information about the hip restaurants loved by locals, temples off the beaten path, and stylish Kyoto shops. This version of Kyoto that is loved by locals is the version of Kyoto I want to introduce you to.

About Me

Sara Aiko

Sara Aiko

Creative Director/Certified Tour Guide (Kyoto Visitors Host)

I am a creative director who shares stories of Kyoto with the world and a certified tour guide who is passionate about connecting people with Kyoto.

As a half-Japanese child growing up in New Zealand, one of the greatest gifts my mother gave me was raising me with two languages and cultures. As a result, I have the unique advantage of having both a western and eastern perspective on Kyoto.

For four years I worked in a Kyoto based media team. I have directed shoots for numerous temples and shrines, shared stories of Kyoto via social media, and co-authored the ‘Amazing Kyoto’ guide book.

I have also introduced my favorite Kyoto hot spots on Japanese TV (NHK, Asahi TV, and TBS to name a few).

I am also the co-founder and creative director of Lan Films, a film productions boutique in Kyoto that creates commercial imagery. Lan Films also creates the video content on Curated Kyoto. www.lanfilms.com

I have professional experience touring and working with media people, cooperate clients and celebrities.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you this beautiful and creative city.